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In this reading we will answer your question or give you a general message based on the current Aztec calendar. Consulting the Aztec calendar can be compared to astrology in terms of what it is useful for, but it is a completely different system. For example, Aztec astrology does not involve planets or astrological houses.

Next, we will construct a geomantic hexagram for you, and do an in-depth 3 card tarot reading for you based on geomantic principles. We will then conclude the reading by looking into the day of your birth and what meaning this gives to the course of your life according to the Aztecs, as well as doing a traditional Aztec corn reading for you.

When you would like to book this reading for yourself  for a second time, we will conclude the message for you by interpreting your birth rune. And so every time you book this reading, we will end with another piece of information about your birth date, such as your Ogham birth tree, for example.  
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