Book your classic Ancient Chinese reading : find out what to expect in the times ahead ©️

€15 (US$16.42)

In this reading we will intuitively interpret two I Ching hexagrams for you, and do an in-depth divination with Mahjong tiles to see what energy you are working with in the times ahead and what you can expect.

We will conclude your reading by interpreting an ancient Chinese oracle bone for you, drawing a Chinese proverb for you, and interpreting a Chi Chi stick for you.


©️ August 2023, Mieke Stevens

Personally I notice that when I do this reading for myself, I always gain insight into how the situation will evolve in the future, but I also receive advice about the situation I'm dealing with through ancient Chinese wisdom passed on through this reading. This reading is thus excellent when you want to know what the future holds, but you also just want to connect.

Book your classic Ancient Greek reading ©️

€15 (US$16.42)

In this reading we use classical Ancient Greek methods cast in a modern form to receive a message for you, such as dice, astrology dice, and the modern variant of divination by interpreting pottery shards.

Next, we draw from the treasure chest of Ancient Greek myths and philosophical texts a myth that is currently relevant, and a philosophical wisdom that serves you now.

We conclude the reading by studying the birds and listening to the rustling trees, which in ancient times was said to contain messages from Zeus.

Let your next steps be inspired through this reading by the age-old wisdom of Ancient Greece, I would say!

©️ August 2023, Mieke Stevens

Book your Old Russian Gypsy reading ©️

€15 (US$16.42)

We will start your reading by casting some charms on a cloth together with an oracle card for you, after which we will do a 6 card reading for you with a channeled set of self-created Lenormand cards.

Next, we will consult the runes for you. And we will conclude your reading by using typical Russian tile cards to receive more advice and insights about the near future for you, as well as by receiving a vision for you (this could be by reading coffee grounds, through seeing a vision in a candle, by looking into a crystal ball for you... based on what I feel would give you the best answers at this particular moment in time).

©️ August 2023, Mieke Stevens

This reading is excellent when you have a specific question and want in-depth answers. This reading can easily take 40-50 minutes and thus provides very in-depth answers to the question you are wondering about.

Book your Ancient African reading ©️

€15 (US$16.42)

In this unique African psychic reading, we receive answers for you through powerful natural symbolism and a meaningful story.

We begin by creating and interpreting a traditional Ifa hexagram for you. Ifa is an ancient African divination tradition that provides insight into one's life path and higher destiny. This allows me to to gain access to q higher timeline for you, and to give you advice to create a better future for yourself than was originally in the cards for you.

We then combine various ancient African divination methods, using natural materials like cowry shells. We also apply the art of spider divination, which in this reading symbolizes the web of life.

We conclude with a wise African proverb, which beautifully summarizes the essence and meaning of the message received in one final piece of wisdom.

©️ August 2023, Mieke Stevens

Book your classic Ancient Egyptian reading ©️

€15 (US$16.42)

We start this reading with a unique form of Ancient Egyptian astrology used for divination, after which we will do an in-depth reading for you with the Thoth tarot cards.

Next, we will cast specially designed Ancient Egyptian dice made by me, created to gain access to the rich wisdom of this specific time period in order to convey a message to you.

We conclude the reading with an Ancient Egyptian proverb that I was fortunate enough to receive for you as a closing message and additional insight.


©️ August 2023, Mieke Stevens

Book your Alice in Wonderland Prediction for 2024 ! ©

€15 (US$16.42)

In this unique yearly prediction, we will make a prediction for you within the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

A reading with playing cards full of personality, pastries that make you grow or shrink as a person in the coming year, true Alice in Wonderland logic with profound meaning, and a tarot reading with Alice in Wonderland tarot cards.

All of this creates a very fascinating yearly prediction reading indeed! Of course, there will also be additional surprises  for you that I won't be revealing to you here, in true Alice in Wonderland fashion!


©️ October 2023, Mieke Stevens

Book your Aztec reading ©️

€15 (US$16.42)

In this reading we will answer your question or give you a general message based on the current Aztec calendar. Consulting the Aztec calendar can be compared to astrology in terms of what it is useful for, but it is a completely different system. For example, Aztec astrology does not involve planets or astrological houses.

Next, we will construct a geomantic hexagram for you, and do an in-depth 3 card tarot reading for you based on geomantic principles. We will then conclude the reading by looking into the day of your birth and what meaning this gives to the course of your life according to the Aztecs, as well as doing a traditional Aztec corn reading for you.

When you would like to book this reading for yourself  for a second time, we will conclude the message for you by interpreting your birth rune. And so every time you book this reading, we will end with another piece of information about your birth date, such as your Ogham birth tree, for example.

©️ August 2023, Mieke Stevens

This reading is excellent for finding out what your current best path in life is, to align your next course in life with the astrology of the moment (in this case Aztec astrology). And this reading is also good to book for yourself if you want to know if you're on the right track, or in cases where you could use some advice for your further best steps in life.

Consult the Akashic Records :: Receive information about your life purpose on earth ©️

€15 (US$16.42)

Within this reading, you will receive a detailled description of the profession you are meant to do (including industry, type of profession) and what you are meant to do within this industry, 

We will further be looking into what your reason is for being here on earth this time around, and what your focus should be for this specific incarnation.

We conclude your reading by explaining to you where you currently are in relationship to your life purpose. How is your destiny unfolding at the moment? And we will be sharing a meaningful story with you that tells you something about your life purpose here on earth.

©️ August 2023, Mieke Stevens

Book your druid reading ©️

€15 (US$16.42)

Within this reading, we will be doing  a traditional druidic ogham reading for you (a reading based on trees).
Next, we will be doing a reading for you using custom-designed jungle cards with profound symbolism in which we see the jungle as a metaphor for life.

We conclude the reading for you by telling you a druidic story, by sharing a "tree saying" with you, and a piece of wisdom from mother nature for you.

©️ August 2023, Mieke Stevens

Book your Ancient Persian reading ©️

€15 (US$16.42)

Within this reading, we honor different typical ancient Persian divination traditions whose roots lie deep in the past. These Persian divination traditions have in fact been remarkably well preserved going all the way back to Old Babylon, and even the much older Sumer (think: the time of the Anunnaki gods).

At the heart of this reading lies a beautiful piece of very old Persian poetry, which often contains very unique pieces of wisdom and can offer a unique perspective on your situation.

We conclude the reading for you with a typical Persian proverb which the higher realms believe would be valuable for you to learn about as you move forward on your path in life.

©️ Copyright August 2023, Mieke Stevens

This reading is excellent for finding the cause behind the effect in your life, for example why something just doesn't happen,... and it can thus also give you advice on how to change this for yourself.